Shani Pindek

Welcome!  I am an occupational health researcher at the Department of Human Services  at the University of Haifa (the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences).

I have always been interested in the experiences of employees. During my graduate school education at Bar-Ilan University, I focused on contextual performance, but these days I mainly study how work stress impacts the well-being of employees. I conduct much of my research with colleagues from the University of South Florida, where I was a visiting scholar for three years.
I do have some other interesting projects going on. See details on my Research page.

I teach occupational health, and research methods and statistics (with a touch of HR analytics) at the graduate level. I teach Statistics, Human Resources and Selection at the undergraduate level. For more details go to my Teaching page. If you want to get inspired or find some useful tools, I put some links to good/fun materials I use in my Links page, and pictures of some of my favorite people in my People I work with page.

If you want to talk more about any of the above, email me: pshani@gmail.com